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Shotgun County 11 Meter Radio Club



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Use links below at your own risk. For Informational Purposes Only.

We do not condone illegal radio communications and or equipment.

However Illegal may just mean we did not inhale.

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CB Radio                                          Ham Radio
CB Rules Federal Communications Commission
Wiring Turner Mics
CB Radio | 10 Meter Radio | Coax | CB Antenna
Bells CB Radio
CB Radios and Export Radios
Citizen Band Radio Amateur Radio Relay League
Universal Radio shortwave, amateur, scanner and CB radio since 1942 Amateur Radio Disaster Services
CBMW The CB Radio Tech Center HRO Ham Radio Outlet
Antron 99 Versus Lightening Strike Welcome To The Amateur Radio Web Ring
My First CB Radio Tower Under Construction  Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide (AC6V)
Sundrops Radio Page AMSAT - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
Shotgun County 11 Meter Radio Club CQ Magazine
Itsa Southern Thang Amateur Electronic Supply            (for informational purposes only use at own risk) The DXZone: ham-radio, shortwave and cb-radio guide
Aliens Kidnapped Cookieman Stones River Amateur Radio Club
Mr. Wanna B. Possum Radio Jammer Gets 7 Years
CB Radio Slang City, State, Country, Locater for Rotating Antennas
CB Radio Rambo's Hillbilly Ham
Ironeagle Amateur Radio Q Signals
QSL Maker  Program to make Personal QSL Cards
Learn Morse Code via your Computer download here.
Homebrew Antenna Calculator Make Your Own ..Get Lengths Here

The Constitution Of The United States Of America
If you've never read it, take some time and do so now. 

How Far Is It?
Find the distance between two places.
American Red Cross
  Antenna Lengths
The Federal Emergency Management Agency
  Popular Communications
The Monitoring Magazine.
  RF Safety Calculator
A Must for Amateur Radio Operators.

NASWA WWW Shortwave Listening Guide

  WWCR Shortwave, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Local and Regional Clubs

Cedar Forest QRP Group

Maury County Amateur Radio Club

Short Mountain Repeater Club

Southeastern VHF Society

Stones River Amateur Radio Club

Sumner County Amateur Radio Club

Tennessee Contest Group

The Old Codger Net

Upper Cumberland Amateur Radio Assoc.

Wilson Amateur Radio Club

Cool Hand Luke "Callin It Your Job Boss, Dont Make It Right"

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Monkey C Monkey Do Radio

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