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CB Rambo's

The noises on the 11 Meter band are like opening the basement door to listen to purgatory.

Name Calling and CB Radio

1 dead after CB radio argument in Washington State

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A man was shot to death Saturday in a mall parking lot following an argument over citizens band radio, police said.

Kenneth Eichhorn, 47, died after surgery at Southwest Washington Medical Center, police said. Jon William Loveless, 44, was arrested for investigation of second-degree murder.

Officers responding to reports of multiple gunshots in the parking lot of Westfield Vancouver mall early Saturday found Eichhorn wounded in his truck.

Loveless called 911 a short time later, reporting that he had been involved in a shooting, police said. He was being held without bail in the Clark County Jail.

The two men apparently did not know each other, but got into an argument over CB radio before they met at the mall. Both men were armed, police said. The nature of the argument was not disclosed.

Shootout at Walmart six year feud over CB Radio getting closer to being settled.

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He He He You Loud Mouth Snuff Skeeter. Never carry a jug of mace to a Gun fight.

APOPKA, Fla. (AP) -- Apopka police say two men decided to end a long-running feud with an old fashioned shootout.

Both men told police they knew each other only from arguing for six years over the C-B radio airwaves.

The men met up at in an Apopka Wal-Mart parking lot Saturday to duke it out. One was grazed with a bullet, the other sprayed with Mace.

Both ended up in the Orange County Jail.

Forty-eight year-old Frank J. Lukasik, of Longwood, was charged with aggravated battery after police say he shot 47-year-old Paul B. Goldman.

Goldman was arrested on a charge of battery causing bodily harm after authorities said he sprayed the chemical at Lukasik.

Crime News - Tampa Bay's 10 -

Vancouver - One father in his 40s winds up dead while a second father in his 40s winds up in jail

Sunday, October 01, 2006

By all accounts, they could have been friends. Both were dads in their mid-40s who loved fixing cars and CB radios. Instead, after hot words on channel 17, they met in their pickups at a Vancouver mall early Saturday. Both had guns and one wound up dead.

An autopsy is scheduled today for Kenneth Eichhorn, 47, of Vancouver, who died Saturday after undergoing surgery at Southwest Washington Medical Center.

Police say Eichhorn was shot in his truck in the Westfield Mall lot after radio insults escalated into a confrontation.

John W. Loveless, 44, of Vancouver called emergency dispatchers after the incident to say he was involved in a shooting. Detectives interviewed Loveless at his home and he was booked into the Clark County Jail on one count of second-degree murder. He was being held without bail Saturday. No court appearance had been set.

Tina Cook, Loveless' live-in girlfriend of 20 years, said she was in their garage with Loveless and two friends earlier Friday evening when Loveless was talking on the often raucous channel 17 using an echo -- a device that repeats the sound. It had drawn complaints from other CB radio users over the previous few nights.

"Some people don't like hearing it," Cook said. "He was saying one, two, three, four, five, six, trying to be funny. He was trying to have a good time."

Some listener told him to turn off his radio and go to bed.

"He doesn't like being told what to do; he's 44 years old," Cook said.

Cook said Loveless was trying to sell the device and a male voice said he wanted to buy it and smash the thing on their driveway. That's when Cook said another CB user broadcast their address.

"This guy wanted to come over and fight, and John didn't want him over at our house," Cook said.

She said that Loveless told the man to meet at the mall, not come to the house. "That's when it all happened."

Cook said she went to bed. The couple has five children, including three older children from previous relationships, and two daughters. She said she woke up shortly after 1:10 a.m. to Loveless crying and saying that he shot someone.

"When he called 9-1-1, I knew it wasn't a dream," Cook said. "He put his gun on the kitchen counter and told police he'd be waiting."

Vancouver police found Eichhorn in his pickup with gunshot wounds, spokesman Doug Deaver said.

"It's devastating," said his mother, Jean Jenkins, "It's devastating to so many people."

Eichhorn, an auto technician at Curt Warner Chevrolet, celebrated his first wedding anniversary Friday with his wife, Flo.

Eichhorn had inherited his love of radios from his father, a Korean War veteran and ham radio operator who died when Eichhorn was a boy, family members said. After growing up in Oregon City and Milwaukie, Eichhorn joined the Army. He went to work as an auto tech in Portland for many years before moving to Vancouver.

Eichhorn was a devoted father, relatives said, who after losing his older son in an accident, doted on his daughter, Katie, 7. He had the child every other weekend after he and her mother divorced, phoning and e-mailing constantly. "He was the world to her," said Donna Eichhorn, his former wife.

Donna Eichhorn said that even if angered by another driver, her former husband would yell but never "do the gun thing. He was in the service. He knew not to be stupid."

On Saturday night, Donna Eichhorn said her daughter asked to put on her dad's Army jacket and crawled into her mother's bed wearing it and her parent's wedding ring.

K. D. Bailey (KD5WIH) on September 13, 2003
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It seems that whenever amateurs disagree, feelings get hurt and the discussion turns ugly; someone resorts to calling someone "a CBer" of says, "go back to the Chicken Band". Not only is this name calling counterproductive is just plain silly.

The Citizens Band radio service is not very similar to Amateur Radio. Like cell phones and FRS radio, CB uses RF to facilitate communications. That's were the similarity to ham radio ends. CB has not required a license for many years. When it did, no testing was involved. It requires no technical knowledge. When we equate ham radio with CB, we are minimizing our accomplishments.

There was a time when the frequencies in Citizens Band were part of the ham bands. When the FCC reassigned it to the new CB service, the animosity some hams felt towards CBers was understandable. Those days have long since passed and today's CBers are not responsible for the FCC's decision.

Criticism of the relative few CBers who illegally operate out of band or use linear amplifiers is justified. They are disregarding the law and are inconsiderate of the legal users of the bands into which they trespass. Only a small percentage of the thousands of CB radios are used this way.

Like a cell phone, CB can be useful. It's a good way for drivers to stay aware of road conditions. The equipment is inexpensive and it's very easy to operate.

If someone has a technical interest in radio, wants to chase DX or experiment with antennas, he would enjoy Amateur radio. If this person's first involvement with radio is with CB radio, we should encourage him to become a ham, not run him off with petty bickering. It's only by helping those with a real interest that we can insure we will have good operators instead of a bunch of lids who think name calling and arguing is acceptable behavior in amateur radio.


Read More from source @ Name Calling and CB Radio

Lets face it, CB radio and those who enjoy it are stereotyped as a bunch of drooling, ignorant rednecks. But, they have brought that on themselves by that hillbilly way of talking and related jargon. Have you listened to the truckers on Channel 19 lately? From what I hear on there, they come across as the most vulgar, crude, uneducated bunch of miserable folks that could ever be. This is what we don't want ham radio to become. That is why there is the animosity among the code/no-code debaters. We don't care if CB'ers become hams, but we do care when they bring their garbage with them, and the great majority of them do. If you enjoy both ham and CB radio, that is fine with me too, just leave your CB accent/filth/jargon on CB and don't bring it into ham radio.

Name Calling and CB Radio

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