Mr. Wanna B. Possum



We regret to inform you of the latest tragedy and Great loss of one of Mr. Boney Possum's near and dear relative's. It is not known what, when, why, or how this tragedy occurred. It is believed to be the remains of Mr. Wanna B. Possum. The remains have been sent to the Corners office in Nashville Tennessee for an autopsy to conclude the real cause of death. It appears that Mr. Wanna B. Possum was trying to cross Maney Ave. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee  when possibly a drug deal went sour. Because of the location of this terrible tragedy local Law Enforcement is taking no chances of this being just another possum crossing the road accident. Below you will find a photo of the deceased. If you have any information or happen to recognize this subject please call the local authorities immediately. In Lieu of flowers you can send canned sardines to Mr. Boney Possum @ PO Box 1234 Possum Trot, Tennessee. 10-4 10-4 10-4

Memorial Service Pending

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