Alien Abduction in Cannon County Tennessee

Below you will find one of the Alien's that kidnapped 947 Middle Tennessee Shotgun County Cookieman at the age of 3.

I'm sorry to inform you but Cookieman was never the same afterwards.


Please don't take these aliens for granted. They are very real and land often in and around Shotgun County. aka Twice Barrel City. Seems that they are attracted to Alligator Bucketmouth radio stations. Something about the 190 Proof that some locals pour into their Rigs to keep them warmed up. If you are one of these people that continually have blue smoke rise softly from your Rig, Please use caution if approached by one of these Aliens.
Best Regards,
We Slippin & a Slidin Down The Ole Coax Wire in our Birthday Suit carrying an Old Empty Gallon Jug
Catch Ya Cum Later
We gone 10-7
Have a nice day.





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Revised 02/01/2004

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