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Paris City Cemetery

Henry County

Paris, Tennessee

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Confederate Soldiers found in Cemetery

Col. J.J. Lamb

5th Tennessee Infantry Regiment C.S.A.

Killed at Ellsbury Ridge Georgia 1864

Born: 1812 in Tennessee

Son of Thomas Lamb II


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Paris City Cemetery

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James Davis Porter

Dec. 17,1848

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John Wesley Crockett


Son of David Crockett

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Lt. Col. John Dewitt Clinton Atkins


5th Tn. Inf.

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Maj. J S Brown

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Maj. J S Brown

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Col. J.S. Dawson

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Gen. J.S. Dawson


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Capt. M.H. Freeman

Co. K 20th Tn.


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Capt. M.H. Freeman

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Henry  H. Wynns

W. G. Wynns

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Samuel Houston


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J.J. Lamb

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J.J. Lamb Footstone

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Henrietta Cooney

Wife of B.F. Lamb


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Elizabeth Lamb


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Elizabeth Lamb

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Laura Lamb Gardner


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My Ancestors

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B.F. Lamb Footstone

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Carter Foster

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Surg. T.C. McNeill

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Col. H. C. McNeill

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Capt. Clinton Aden

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Maj. B.B. Bunch


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B.B. Bunch

Notice the Vandalism

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T.D. Daniel

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Chas. Daniel

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Jo Daniel

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Paris Courthouse

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John W. Crockett

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E.N. Cason

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S.W. Thompson

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Lt. Col.

W.D. Lannom

Kentucky Volunteers


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Thought you might like to know Dr. John Thomas Irion rests in the Paris City Cemetery, especially since he was Commander of Company I, 5th Tennessee Infantry. You do not have him listed among the Confederate soldiers buried there.
Dr. Irion entered the War for Southern Independence on the side of the Confederacy. Captain John Thomas Irion served as Commander of Company I, 5th Tennessee Infantry, and was wounded and captured at the infamous Battle of Perryville Kentucky.
Additional information about Dr. Irion's vandalized gravestone in Paris City Cemetery:
Dr. Irion had at least 30 family members who served the Confederacy, including his close relative Capt. William McKinney Irion who was wounded at the Battle of Perryville (KY), taken prisoner, died there and was buried at Harrodsburg, KY. There were at least 3 other Irion family members wounded/killed at that same battle.

Paris City Cemetery is Vandalized; 28 Headstones Knocked Over By Shannon McFarlin

Joy Bland looks at the vandalized headstone belonging to one of her ancestors, John Wesley Crockett.

The headstones of a number of Paris’ founding citizens have been knocked over at the historic Paris City Cemetery, including that of John Crockett, former Congressman and son of frontiersman David Crockett.

Police Chief Tommy Cooper said he counted at least 28 tombstones that have been vandalized in the cemetery and has contracted with Henry County Monument Works to restore and repair the stones “as best as they can.”

“I contacted our maintenance people and they went out and looked things over,” Cooper said, “but we determined these have to be replaced professionally, so we’ve contracted with the Monument Works.”

The headstone of Dr. John Irion lies on its side on the ground.

The headstones will be replaced “at great difficulty”, he said. “These headstones are extremely heavy. It will take some time and work to set them back up properly.”

The vandalism occurred at least a week ago. Many headstones are knocked over and other, smaller tombstones have been destroyed by someone picking them up and knocking them against other tombstones.

Most of the vandalism occurred in the back part of the cemetery, which is hidden from view. Cooper said the police department patrols that area and will continue to do so.

Among the headstones that are vandalized are those in the family plots of the Crocketts, Irions, Dunlaps, Blantons, Greers, and Hambys. Headstones knocked over include those of: Dr. John T. Irion, born in 1837 and died in August of 1908; .Richard William Dunlap, born in 1851 and died in 1887; Elizabeth Ann Blanton, born in 1814 and died in 1850. The marker that commemorates the Hamby family also was knocked over—it is inscribed with the birth and death dates of all the family members, including Mary Morris, John Cooke, Robert Jarrett and Louisa Hamby.

The Dunlap plot sustained its share of vandalism, with two headstones knocked over. In addition, a smaller stone from elsewhere in the cemetery was thrown against one of the headstones and broke into pieces.

Several of the smaller tombstones that have been moved from their original spots will be difficult to replace properly, since the names on them is so faint they can’t be distinguished and it is hard to determine their proper locations.

It also is evident that vandals removed the tops of several headstones, such as angels, lambs and other ornamentation.

One person who is upset at the vandalism is Joy Bland of rural Paris, a descendant of John Crockett, and one of the local group who worked hard to have the Crockett family’s new stones placed there a few years ago.

“I can never figure out why people would do something like this,” she said. “This is just so sad.”

Cooper said cemetery vandalism is not only sad, but costly. “There is always considerable cost to something like this,” he said. “Nobody wins in these cases.”

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