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Emergency Lamb Cemetery Information 09/19/2004

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Thomas Lamb II

Born: 1763

Died: 1816

8 Children

He and his wife, Katherine are buried in the Lamb Cemetery, on the East side of Versailles Knob, 50 yards Southwest of Garret Cemetery also known as Smotherman Cemetery. The Lamb Cemetery had 25-30 graves, but only a few can still be found. His Will was Probated July 1821. It named his Wife Katherine, and his Children, Jonathon, Robert, William, Thomas III, Joseph, David, John, James, Elizabeth Mary, Alice and Sarah.


Resources: The History of Versailles, The Tenth District and its People.

1983 Rutherford County Historical Society

After several stops and lots of searching I was able to find the Lamb Cemetery in 2002. One of Two that I know of in the area. Unfortunately all the stones had been either torn down or tossed into a pile up next to a fence. There were no visible markings on any of the stones. There were several small stones that are still upright in the ground next to the large oak trees there. Below are some photos of what I found.

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This Photo is taken from the Garrett Cemetery facing in a south westerly direction, approximately 100 Yards.

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It's easy to see that this is a Headstone, although no large stones still stand. This is one of several that have been moved to the edge of a fencerow. 

 Dsc01364.jpg (96969 bytes) 

Two Photo's of stones from Lamb Cemetery

Dsc01365.jpg (62638 bytes) 

Dsc01368.jpg (61956 bytes)

There are several smaller stones (rocks) in place that still mark the Lamb Cemetery These bones and bottle were lying nearby.

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These Photos show how Large the Old Trees are in the Lamb Cemetery.

Tom Lamb above was a little Distraught when he found the condition of his Ancestor's Resting Grounds

Directions: Corner of Versailles Road and Panther Creek Road


Greetings Lamb Cousins,
This is concerning the Lamb Cemetery on the East Side Versailles Knob referred to in the book entitled The History Of Versailles The Tenth District And Its People (1983) published by the Rutherford County Historical Society PO Box 906 Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130. On page 156 The Lamb Family compiled by Anne Hatcher refers to the Lamb Cemetery.

"Thomas Lamb died in 1816. He and his wife, Katherine, are buried in the Lamb Cemetery, on the east side of the Versailles Knob, a few yards south of the Garrett Cemetery. The Lamb Cemetery had 25-30 graves, but only a few can still be found. His will was probated July 1821. It named his wife, Katherine, and his children, Jonathan, Robert, William, Thomas, Joseph, David, John, James, Elizabeth Mary, Alice, and Sarah"
The purpose of the email is to inform you that there was a meeting with David Lamb, Bill Lamb, Thomas Lamb, of the Lamb Family of course and Mr & Mrs Richard Debow on Sunday September 12, 2004 @ 1:30 p.m. After a couple of hours talking and walking around the Lamb Cemetery and documenting at least six stones still in place we said our goodbyes to the Debows. It is to be noted that the next step in pursuing the boundries of the cemetery, David Lamb would personally to come up at his liesure and rake over the Cemetery and reveal all existing stones so as to get a better idea of the boundries. The meeting went well and there were no harsh words of any kind. It was to our suprise on Friday September 17, I received a registered letter from the Debows disputing the existance of the Lamb Cemetery. Please be advised that the Debows do intend to build a house as close to or even on top of our ancestors. A roadway has already gone over the Cemetery just lately. The Tennessee Cemetery laws are in effect here Im sure. I would urge each of you to join me in the effort to stop this rape of our ancestry. Below please find a copy of the letter that was sent to me. I can be reached @ (615) 330-5668 or by email me here. I believe that between the documentation that I have accumulated and some of the other Lamb researchers we can stop this desecration. Thanks for any help in this matter that you can offer. Please pass this info to any other Lamb Cousins that you might be aware of. My immediate response to this situation will be to approach Rutherford County Building Codes and inform them of the situtation and also to write a response to Mr Debow. Any experience or advice in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Mr. Debow works at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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