Armstrong Family Tree

J. W. Armstrong  Buried @ Jacobs Cemetery Rutherford County Tennessee (Big Springs Road) B:March 17,1857 D:Dec.17,1917

Aurice Armstrong  Son of J.W. Armstrong  Buried @ Thyatira Cemetery Cannon County Tennessee (Bradyville Pike)

Aurice Married  Abbie Gayle (Jernigan) Armstrong Abbie Buried @ Roselawn Cemetery Rutherford County Tennessee D:Jan. 07,2002

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Still Born (Possibly Never Named)

Fred Armstrong Son of Aurice Armstrong & Abbie (Jernigan) Armstrong B:June 1,1924

Lucy Mai Armstrong B:Nov.17,1925 D:May 28,1991

Minnie Belle Armstrong B:Sept.2,1927 D:

Garner Bea Armstrong B:May 5,1933 D:Dec.6,1953

Elsie Lee Armstrong B:May 5,1929 D:

Author  Edmond (Mollie) Armstrong B:April 10,1933 D:June 4,1985

Edith Faye Armstrong B:Jan.14,1935

Barbra Jean Armstrong B:July 31,1937 D:April 16,1940

Billy Forrest Armstrong B:Nov. 1,1939

Kenneth Wayne Armstrong B:July 17,1940 D:Nov.14,1989

Another View of Armstrong Family Tree

Children of George W. Lamb & Edith Faye (Armstrong) Lamb

Connie Delores Lamb

David W. Lamb 

James Alan Lamb 

Sheryl Anne Lamb (Haile) D:Feb.19,2001


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My Baby Sis

Sherry Anne (Lamb) Haile

Died February 19, 2001


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Retreat to Bizboro

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