Sherry Ann (Lamb) Haile

August 12, 1963

February 19, 2001



  David's Haircut Day   Date: February 19, 2004 2:00:00 p.m.



On February 19, 2004 David W. Lamb will cut his hair. By this time it should be at least 10" in length braided in a tail. This will be donated to Locks of Love. Before my Baby Sisters death she was un-comfortable taking her wig off as her hair began to grow after the Chemo she had been taking for the Breast Cancer that ultimately took her life. I had always worn long hair and she challenged me that if Id get my hair cut she would take her Wig off in Public. I cut my hair very soon afterwards and went to her home to show her. By this time she was so sick She barely even noticed that I had cut the hair. It was long enough to Donate to the Locks of Love Program  

My Baby Sister Sherry (Lamb) Haile died on February 19, 2001

Revised 12/27/2002

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