Antenna Calculator

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Programmed by James E. Stewart Jr. - N3DNO - 2-19-98

Find the length of a dipole antenna, put in the frequency in the middle of the band of your choice.

eg. 27.175 MHz. channel 18 on 11 meter band.

Be sure to use the point.

 eg. 27.175 Right 27175 Wrong

Dipole Calculator

Freq. in MHz.

The total length of your dipole is:

It will be on a side.

  3 element Yagi

Freq. in MHz.

A. Director

B. Driven on a side

C. Reflector

D. Spacing

E. Total length of driven


Calculate  lengths in 1/2 to full wavelength.

Freq. in MHz.

The total length of your vertical is:

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