French Skeleton Clock

One Of A Kind

We invite you to disprove the above statement.

On the main spring is the inscription "Brizot May 1789"

If you have any information that might help identify please contact:

Watchmaster Pete Lamb 

(727) 894-3368 or

Click on images for larger view.

24 k. Gold Plate

Porcelain dial numbers

Only slight damage on this fine Skeleton Clock.

Notice just below the drooping left chain.

The silk suspension as well as the spoking - out of the large wheels definitely marks it as French.

The backs are never as pretty as the fronts...huh?

This clock is in perfect working order.

Cast a nice shadow. Approx 3 1/2" wide

We have never in all our years seen another like this one.

Notice the winding key below the six.

In researching this clock back in 1961 these are our findings.

June 16, 1961

December 6, 1961


This is scratched on to the main spring. What appears to be "Brizot May 1789

Clayton & Lamb's

Captian Lamb Waypoints Off St. Petersburg Florida

Email Pete Lamb

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