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Cannon, Wilson, Davidson, Williamson, Bedford, Rutherford Counties Middle Tennessee

DRVMP Enterprises Inc.

2409 Sammye Avenue

Gillette, Wyoming


Phone: (307) 257-2236



Alternate Hope for Body & Mind

Kalawalla  34.95
Kalawalla Orgainic for Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus,Psoriasis and other Autoimmune disorders  30.95
Buy 2 or more Kalawalla save $4.00 29.95

K-Ok Kiddie Calmer- keep them calm safely  19.95

Natures Way Herbal Shoulder Wrap  29.95

Be-Dry -help them stay dry through the night safely!  $$

All Native Remedie's, Natural Eco, Buy 2 get 1 free!  26.95
IBaba- Colic formula  29.95

Focus ADHD- safe alternative for kids  29.95
Focus ADD-Adult formula  7.95

Bee Sting Cure- Bakers natural Bee sting formula- works! 29.95
After Birth drops- herbal remedy to facilitate the Third Stage of Labor & begin Postnatal recovery
Cozy Spa Wrap by Natures Way 26.95
Cradle Cap Salve - to assist in healing of "Cradle-Cap"  34.95

Faithful Feet Aromatic FootSpa 34.95

Serenite Jr., for Child & Teen insommnia (also have an adult formula!) 

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ADD, Insommnia, infections, natural, aromatherapy, child, teen, adult, baby 
Alternative therapies, remedies for all ages. I have MS and I use the Kalawalla.
I beleieve we all have a better chance with herbal formulas , so I offer a wide variety!
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