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This Group Has Disbanded 06/13/2006

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Officer Amy Cassidy & Vice President C.P.A.A.A. Lewis Elrod at a Fingerprinting event @ Kroger's on South Tennessee Blvd. July 31, 2004. There were 39 children that participated in the event. This is a very good service provided by the Murfreesboro Police Department. Participants include Alumni of the Citizens Police Academy. The fingerprint cards are released to the parent or guardian and all information with a recent photo and D.N.A of the child are put into the Parents personal files. This card is used only in an emergency if the child is lost or missing.

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The tools required are few. Ink pad, FBI fingerprint cards, Jr. stick on police badges.

Candidates for the Citizens Police Academy are as follows:

No felony convictions.

No convictions for DUI, possession or sale of any controlled substance, or any offense involving moral turpitude.

Attend at least 80% of classes.

Citizens Police Academy applicants are reviewed and participants are selected by the Police Department. Persons interested in applying should contact the Murfreesboro Police Department training office located at:

Murfreesboro Police Annex

Attn: COPS Training Office

324 South Church Street

Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 37130

(615) 895-3874

Download CPA Application here.

C.P.A.A.A. Activities Include:

  • Fingerprinting

  • National Police Week

  • National Police Officers  Memorial

  • Street Festival

  • Jazz Festival

  • Uncle Dave Macon Days

  • National Night Out

  • Others, come join us and get involved.

  • Click Photos  for a larger view.

    Mr. Lewis Elrod @ Hobgood Yard Sale

    C.P.A.A.A. Alumni Hobgood Yard Sale

    Dancers @ Hobgood

    Oldest Teacher @ Hobgood Elementary

    National Night Out August 03, 2004

    Kids @ National Night Out

    Face painting.

    Officer Cunningham

    Happy Face

    Free Child Fingerprinting

    These are released to the Parents for safe keeping.

    C.P.A.A.A. Logo


    Shop With A Cop

    December 11, 2004


    Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    December 11, 2004 marks the first Shop With A Cop Program at Kmart here in Murfreesboro. An effort between Kmart, Murfreesboro Police Department, Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (C.P.A.A.A.), Murfreesboro City Schools. A great big YEHAAAAAAAW!!! to all those who participated and helped to make this a great event for these future leaders (the kids) of our Community. The kids seemed to have a great time. They were treated to breakfast, a visit with Santa Claus plus a small gift donated by Kmart, followed by a shopping trip where each child was given $20.00 by the C.P.A.A.A.. They were escorted by a Murfreesboro City Police Officer that donated their time to share with these children. The event was an exceptional treat for all involved. Thanks again to all. You know who you are. 

    Click Photos  for a larger view.

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    Yes Sir That's a Fact

    Dsc01983.jpg (857966 bytes)

    Breakfast Served

    Dsc01984.jpg (827501 bytes) Dsc01985.jpg (835057 bytes)
    Dsc01986.jpg (817398 bytes)

    (Quite)Kids hard at work.

    Dsc01987.jpg (817545 bytes)

    C.P.A.A.A. Beth Cook

    Dsc01988.jpg (860709 bytes) Dsc01989.jpg (879983 bytes)

    Major Adkinson & Mayor Bragg enjoying the action.

    Dsc01990.jpg (860611 bytes)

    Okay I'll cover Isle #1, you get #2.

    Dsc01991.jpg (766030 bytes)

    Peace keeping Tools.


    Dsc01992.jpg (864015 bytes)

    Yes Sir, What if he goes this way?

    Dsc01993.jpg (753491 bytes) 

    Thank You M'boro Police for your protection.

    Dsc01994.jpg (873059 bytes)

    Thank You Kmart.

    Dsc01995.jpg (890300 bytes)

    Hard at work making Thank You Cards.

    Dsc01996.jpg (893206 bytes)

    Thank You card presented to Murfreesboro Police Department

    Dsc01997.jpg (874016 bytes)

    Your Community Your responsibility. What a Crew!

    Dsc01998.jpg (205941 bytes)

    Santa at Work.

    Dsc01999.jpg (203314 bytes)

    Are you sure we havent been down this isle?

    Dsc02000.jpg (61206 bytes)

    I'm not really shure.

    Dsc02001.jpg (187734 bytes)

    Okay if I was you!!

    Dsc02002.jpg (169041 bytes)

    Foot Pursuit

    Come back here, slow down!

    Dsc02003.jpg (61401 bytes)

    Let's go another round.

    Dsc02004.jpg (196632 bytes)

    "I Love Christmas"

    Dsc02005.jpg (201856 bytes)

    Are you shure thats what you want?


    Dsc02006.jpg (61886 bytes)

    Only $49.99   (GRIN)

    Dsc02007.jpg (175682 bytes)

    Is that your final answer?

    Dsc02008.jpg (202126 bytes)

    There she is, Catch Her

    Dsc02009.jpg (61435 bytes)

    For Traffic Control

    call: 1-800-dont-call

    Dsc02010.jpg (203283 bytes)

    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To All


    Dsc02011.jpg (213060 bytes)

    Lets go over there.

    Dsc02012.jpg (198916 bytes)

    Honest it dosen't hurt when I Shop!

    Dsc02013.jpg (179237 bytes)

    Where did he go?

    Dsc02014.jpg (209846 bytes)

    Yes this is what you want.

    Dsc02015.jpg (61402 bytes)


    Dsc02016.jpg (61561 bytes)

    Kmart also gave a 10% discount for all items purchased.

    Dsc02017.jpg (62146 bytes)

    March 23, 2005

    Black Fox Elementary School Fingerprinting

    Approximately 400 students were fingerprinted. As always there are no records kept by the school system, Police Department or C.P.A.A.A. The parents were sent a card notifying them of the C.P.A.A.A providing this free fingerprinting for their children. They signed the cards allowing their child to participate if they so desired. The Teachers are sending the Fingerprint Cards home where the Parents will add a lock of hair and a current photo to the cards. They will then be kept in a safe place for the family in case of an emergency.

    The staff and children were all very pleasant to work with. There was only one young man that said that I was hurting his fingers. It seemed to work so smoothly. The Staff had it coordinated so well it was just a breeze. They even fed the C.P.A.A.A members. 

    Thanks Black Fox

    Click Photos  for a larger view.

    Dsc02514.jpg (337792 bytes)

    C.P.A.A.A. members fingerprinting @ Blackfox Elementary

    Dsc02513.jpg (341120 bytes)

    Lewis Elrod & Judy Merrill finishing up a class ready for the next any minute.

    Dsc02515.jpg (357672 bytes)

    Florence Smith & Don Richardson hard at work. 

    Dsc02516.jpg (339105 bytes)

    Bob Cole completeing yet  another.

    Dsc02517.jpg (348758 bytes)

    The gloves help when you fingerprint several children. That ink can get everywhere.

    Dsc02518.jpg (345189 bytes)

    Jo Adkinson helps to remove that ink that seems to jump from place to place.

    Dsc02519.jpg (345815 bytes)

    A pause in the action.


    Dsc02520.jpg (331038 bytes)

    Louis & Judy get a break between classes.

    Dsc02521.jpg (349491 bytes)

    Major Clyde Adkinson made an appearance and we put him right to work.

    Dsc02522.jpg (316177 bytes)

    The index finger is one of the easier ones to roll a print. Some fingers work seem to bend better than others.


    Bradley Elementary School


    July 25, 2005



    David Lamb: President CPAAA

    Lewis Elrod: Vice President CPAAA

    DSC03043.JPG (351503 bytes)

    DSC03044.JPG (337458 bytes)

    DSC03045.JPG (319242 bytes)

    DSC03046.JPG (335058 bytes)


    2nd Annual Shop With A Cop

    December 17, 2005

    Kmart in Murfreesboro

    DSC03541.JPG (358284 bytes)

    Just getting started 7:30 a.m.

    DSC03542.JPG (349090 bytes)

    C.P.A.A.A. member ready for action.

    DSC03543.JPG (336430 bytes)


    DSC03544.JPG (347223 bytes)


    DSC03545.JPG (350790 bytes)

    Santa's Goodies waiting for the rush.

    DSC03546.JPG (352510 bytes)

    Mayor Bragg kicking off the event.


    DSC03547.JPG (344269 bytes)

    Lining up to go shopping.


    DSC03548.JPG (342021 bytes)

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    DSC03549.JPG (348937 bytes)

    Snacks for everyone.


    DSC03550.JPG (356958 bytes)

    Chief Chrisman making a presentation of a quilt made by a C.P.A.A.A. member to be donated to a Police Officer.

    DSC03551.JPG (364339 bytes)

    The quilt is to be relayed to the family of a recent Fallen Officer.

    DSC03552.JPG (354883 bytes)

    A very emotional moment.


    DSC03553.JPG (353460 bytes)


    DSC03554.JPG (332203 bytes)


    DSC03555.JPG (344690 bytes)



    DSC03556.JPG (348744 bytes)

    What a Group.


    DSC03557.JPG (330213 bytes) DSC03558.JPG (346066 bytes) DSC03559.JPG (327703 bytes) DSC03560.JPG (328482 bytes)

    DSC03561.JPG (583273 bytes)

    DSC03562.JPG (348796 bytes) DSC03565.JPG (468792 bytes) DSC03566.JPG (358398 bytes)

    DSC03567.JPG (359368 bytes)

    DSC03568.JPG (353635 bytes) DSC03569.JPG (339763 bytes) DSC03571.JPG (356346 bytes)
    DSC03572.JPG (338791 bytes)

    On the job training, Major Adkinson is being trained how little ole ladies handle criminals when there is no Police in the time of need.

    DSC03573.JPG (354497 bytes)

    Merry Christmas


    DSC03574.JPG (346441 bytes)

    Sergeant Cunningham has a Merry Christmas Laugh. 

    DSC03575.JPG (360283 bytes)

    It's your turn to push the buggy. Please!

    DSC03577.JPG (355188 bytes)

    Future Globetrotter

    DSC03579.JPG (357236 bytes)

    I told you I could do it.

    DSC03580.JPG (351577 bytes)

    Bring Em On!


    DSC03581.JPG (365351 bytes)

    Ho Ho Ho

    Santa presents gifts to the children compliments of Kmart.

    DSC03582.JPG (365417 bytes)

    Precious Memories


    DSC03583.JPG (351529 bytes)

    We never really grow up, you can see the M.P.D. Officers are full of life and fun. 

    DSC03584.JPG (348039 bytes)

    Please Santa all I want is a 2006 750il Bmw. The twelve cylinder you know the one. I've been good all year. Really!

    DSC03585.JPG (336286 bytes)

    I told you guys I would never ask you to do anything that I wasn't willing to do myself.

    DSC03586.JPG (345075 bytes)

    Kmart was a very gracious host as they gave a 10% discount in the checkout line for all the participants.

    DSC03587.JPG (352609 bytes)

    Everyone had a good time this year and look forward to this annual event.

    DSC03576.JPG (367499 bytes)

    A Great Big Thank You to Kmart, Murfreesboro Police Department, all Anonymous donations, all participants.

    Thank You


    Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

    P.O. Box 1256

    Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 37133-1256

    (615) 895-3874

    Revised: 11/17/2006